Published on October 14, 2019

How to Make Sure You Get Your Mail When You Move

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As if moving an entire household wasn’t complex enough, you must also take your new Melbourne, FL address into account before you relocate. Yep, all those bills you currently receive have to be sent somewhere else or you could fall behind on payments! Letters and packages you are expecting might be sent to your old address if you haven’t taken the time to update your profiles on any online accounts you have. Changing your address isn’t something that is especially hard to do, it just takes time. Time that you probably don’t have at the moment, right? The good news is that A Mother’s Touch Movers, Melbourne, FL’s premier moving company and your destination for moving supplies, is here to assist you with the heavy lifting so you can focus on all the other things you need to take care of for a smooth move. Read on for more information about how and when to transition your address.


The best place to begin is, you guessed it, at your local post office. At least a week before your move, you will want to either visit the United States Postal Service website or your local post office branch and fill out a change of address form. Online is an easy and efficient way to change your address without having to leave home, but if you prefer an in-person experience, you can always go to your local post office. By changing your address with the post office, any mail that is addressed to your former home will be forwarded to your new address for up to a year. This takes some of the pressure off of you but it is not a permanent solution.


After you’ve updated your address with the post office, you will want to tackle any other accounts that send you mail. This may feel overwhelming since there can be any number of pieces of mail coming at you on a daily basis, but it is important to contact businesses and agencies that you work with to alert them of the change. Here is where to start:


1. Federal and State Taxes

You have to alert the federal and state agencies of your move. For federal taxes, you can fill out a form online to let them know of your change of address. To change your address with the state of Florida Department of Revenue, click here.


2. Banking

If you want access to your accounts and updated information, you will want to change your address with your baking provider. Some baking establishments let you change your address online but it is always best to do a quick search and find out for sure. You may have to plan an in-person visit.


3. Utilities

If you want running water and electricity, you’ve got to get this one taken care of. You will have to have a transfer of service for all of your providers and the earlier they know about it, the better. suggests that you contact the companies that handle your water, gas, phone, internet, etc. at least 2 weeks before your move so that you will have all of your services set up before your move. You can take care of the address change when you make the calls.


4. Others

This list will be dependent upon how many companies you do business with. College loan services, online retailers, investment brokers, insurance agencies, etc. As you can see, this list could be quite long. We suggest sitting down and making a list. As you contact each business to update your address, check them off.


5. Friends and Family

If you want those adorable Christmas cards to keep coming, you have to make sure your loved ones know your new address. A simple text or email will do the trick here.


Listen, you’ve got enough to take care of when it comes to your Palm Bay or Viera residential move. Let us help! Contact our Melbourne, FL office today for a moving quote.

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