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How To Handle Moving With Kids

How To Handle Moving With Kids

Moving is hard enough. If you’re moving with children, it can be a nightmare. Change is full of uncertainty, and no matter what ages your kids are, your kids will have plenty of questions about you’re the move. So, in order to help, we’ve built a list of questions that will most often be asked by kids who are moving. Knowing these frequently asked questions may assist when you need a moving company in Brevard County.

Why Do We Need To Move?

Obviously, this is going to be the first question asked when the subject of moving is introduced to the younger ones. And even if you’ve already explained why, you’ll probably be asked multiple times… and understandably so. Your kids need to feel security and they need to feel like the family is okay. They need to know that, even though everything around them is changing, their family is the one thing that won’t change.

So make sure you’re clear about why the move is happening… especially if you’re moving because of a divorce or separation… or even if you’re moving because of a new job or the prospect of finding a new job. Whatever is the cause of the move needs to be explained and your children need to be reassured that this is the best outcome for everyone. Kids need time to adjust. So, if they ask this question multiple times, they’re just trying to come to grips with the big change.

Where Are We Moving?

It’s a good idea to discuss this question with the entire family, so you can explain the benefits of moving and what the new home and town will provide, while keeping everything positive. For kids, it’s easier to move if they know that they can still find the things they love in another town. But as parents, we know that there are no guarantees that what the kids have now will be there at the new place. So don’t promise anything you can’t keep. Be honest, but be positive. Pictures and maps may help acclimate them to the new place if you can’t visit.

When Are We Moving?

Your child is the center of his or her own world. So, it’s only natural that they ask this question in relation to the events that are planned in their life. Maybe they’re concerned about the soccer tournament that’s coming soon or an upcoming field trip – they want to now how and when this move will affect their life. Try to reassure them that while they may miss out on activities and events they had been anticipating, they’ll find similar things to do and see in their new town.

Can We Take Our Pet?

Try not to give up your family pets because of a move. Even if it’s a smaller place, animals adjust to a new space even more easily than we do. Family pets are part of the family and they’re a friend to your children.

What About My Friends And My School?

If changing schools is necessary, explain this to them and try to help them adjust by taking a tour of the new school, meeting the principal and teachers, and showing them pictures of the new school. If you’re moving far from your current home, obviously seeing friends will be difficult. Talk about what it was like for them to go to school for the first time and reassure them that they made friends then and they will make new friends this time. Explain how you can still stay in touch with current friends and maybe plan a going away party before the move so your child’s goodbye is not so difficult.

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