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How to Clean Your Rental So You Can Recover Your Deposit

How to Clean Your Rental So You Can Recover Your Deposit

You’re “movin’ on up” and it’s time to leave your rental. So of course, you’ll want to recover your rental deposit. That means it’s time to give the old place one last solid scrub down before you leave. Your Melbourne, FL moving company won’t clean your old rental, but we will provide you with this hand-dandy guide to make sure you’ve done everything you can do to recover every last penny of your rental deposit.

Obviously, you’ll have to sweep and mop all of the floors. But be sure to get behind all of the appliances. After you’ve vacuumed, you might need to rent a steam cleaner to clean the carpets. Use special cleaner to remove any stains.

When cleaning the windows, obviously you’ll want to clean the inside windows, but if it’s possible, clean the exterior windows as well. Don’t forget to clean the window ledges. And make sure to dust the blinds. Make sure to dust and clean your apartment’s light fixtures. Fix the walls, removing all nails and filling the holes with putty, and clean off any scuff marks you’ve left behind.

When you clean the bathrooms, make sure to scrub the toilet bowl. If you have those pesky hard water stains, use vinegar and let it sit for a day or so. Clean the showers and bathtubs with a specialty cleaner made to eliminate any grime. If necessary, use a scrub brush to clean the grout, getting rid of any mildew or mold. Use some extra “elbow grease” to clean the corners.

If your shower enclosure is made of glass, use a product that’s made to get rid of hard water stains. Use glass cleaner to clean the mirrors. Wipe down your sinks and counters. And if you have a slow-draining sink, use a product that’s built to fight clogs. Don’t forget about the medicine cabinet – make sure to remove everything there and wipe the shelves.

Clean your kitchen appliances thoroughly. Take out the shelves and bins from the refrigerator, the freezer and the dishwasher and clean them inside and out. It’s only necessary to defrost the freezer if you have a lot of ice built up inside. The stove may take a little extra effort to clean, so buy some oven-cleaner and pay attention to the instructions. Remember to open the windows so that you’re not overwhelmed by the fumes. Cupboards, cabinets, and drawers should be cleaned out and wiped down. Make sure to clean the counters, sinks, and backsplashes. Get up and clean the exhaust fan also if it needs it.

In the bedrooms, be sure to dust the shelves of your closets and remove the clothes hangers. Check all the corners, because that’s where dirt and dust usually collects. If your rental has a garage, make sure to remove everything from it before you leave and sweep the floors. And remove all outdoor furniture that wasn’t there before you moved in.

If you’re expected to cut the grass, make sure you’ve done so. Rid the yard of leaves. Sweep, wash, and if necessary, scrub the patios and decks. Re-stain or repaint the area if it needs it.

You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, so give yourself a few days to get it al done. If you can afford to hire professional cleaners, it may be worth it. Sometimes the time you save is worth the cost of hiring a professional.

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