Published on January 4, 2020

How to Best Store Christmas Lights


Sure, the Christmas festivities of this year have ended, at least for most of us. The parties are over. The family has returned home. Things are beginning to settle down. It may almost feel as though it never happened now that life is back to normal. However, time does tend to fly and before you know it, you will be unpacking those Christmas decorations and creating a home that is filled with light and love…at least this is what A Mother’s Touch Movers, your one-stop shop for all things moving related in Melbourne, FL, hopes for you. So many of you have allowed us to be a part of your Viera or Merritt Island moves during the past year and we could not be more grateful.


We know that the holidays are meant to be spent with those you love the most. Part of creating an inviting atmosphere is stringing up lights of all colors to usher in the holiday spirit. Aren’t Christmas lights just magical? What isn’t so fancy is when you go to plug in your lights only to discover that they have gone bad during the past year’s storage. So, how can you do your best to ensure lasting sparkle from year to year? Here are some packing tips for those strands of magic.


Inspect the Lights

Before you begin to strategize how you will pack up all of the lights you will want to start with a thorough inspection of all of your strands. Why? Well, if you pack up damaged lights you are only wasting time next year when you begin the decorating process. Start smart and you will avoid the hassle of broken lights and busted cords next year. Once you have taken down all the strands of lights from both inside and outside of your home, plug in each one individually and check for any broken bulbs. You can mark any busted bulbs with a piece of tape or string and let that serve as a marker for replacement bulbs. All you have to do after this is to replace the damaged bulbs. If you plug in a strand that has lights out over its entire length or partially out in various locations, chances are it’s a wiring issue and it is best to just toss these strands.


Choose a Packing Method

Now that you know your lights are in working order and have eliminated faulty strands, it is time to get to packing, our favorite part! You’ve got several options when it comes to safely packing away strands of lights but here’s the one thing you don’t want to do: stuff them haphazardly back into their original boxes. This simply will not do. You run the risk of breaking bulbs and damaging cords. There are better ways to pack up lights. Here are just a few:


1. The Cardboard Method

You’ve probably got tons of leftover cardboard right about now. Simply cut off a length and carefully wrap the strands of lights around the piece. If you don’t have any cardboard stashed around the house then a coat hanger, an old book, or the top to a plastic bin will work just fine too.


2. Specialty Bins

You can purchase specialty storage bins from just about anywhere. They are created specifically for putting away lights. How cool is that? You’ve got tons of options to choose from here.


3. Spools

You can purchase spools in a variety of sizes and they work great for wrapping up cords. If your strand is particularly long, you can even use a reel created for a garden hose! Now you’ll be packed up and ready for the New Year.

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