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Get Your Security Deposit Back!

Get Your Security Deposit Back!

If you have ever lived in a rental property, you are quite aware of the significance of a security deposit and how important it is to get that money back once you move out. The purpose of a security deposit is to ensure that your landlord has the ability to cover any damages that occur while you are a tenant. The money cannot be used while you are still a resident at the property.

After you have moved out and your home is inspected, hopefully, all of the security deposit will be returned to you. However, if anything needs to be repaired, repainted, or redone, you will lose out on your full deposit and nobody wants that. A Mother’s Touch Movers has provided professional moving services to residents of Melbourne, FL and all of Brevard County for over 30 years now. We have seen hardworking well-intentioned people go through the hassle of a lost security deposit. We know you want that money back so here are some ways to ensure that the rental property you used to call home is in better shape than when you moved in.

Know Your Lease

This step occurs BEFORE you sign. It is easy to skim over your rental agreement and sign, but don’t take the easy way out here. Read through the document and make sure you understand the terms. How and when you will receive your security deposit will be listed within. The terms and conditions will be listed so you know what your landlord expects before you go.

Make a List

Your landlord should give you a checklist before you move in so that you can document the state of the property beforehand. If you do not receive one, you can easily download one here. The purpose of the checklist is to know exactly what state your rental is in prior to your time there. It will also help you when you move out. Does anything look different? Refer to the checklist. Is an appliance acting funny? Check the list to see if it was acting this way when you moved in.

Document with Photos

Take pictures on day 1. Take pictures of everything. When you think you’ve taken enough photos, take some more. Documentation is the best defense you have when you moving out. You may need to prove that the scratch on the fridge was already there and if you have photos you can do just that.

Repair and Clean

If you live anywhere for any length of time things will get broken. That’s just how life goes. However, you cannot leave them in this state when you leave and expect to get your security deposit back. Make any necessary repairs during your last month.

Cleanliness is important too. You need to make sure all your bases are covered here. Clean the blinds. Dust the baseboards. Scrub the shower. Make sure the walls are light and bright. If you do not have confidence in your cleaning abilities, hire a professional crew. You want to leave the home in a better state than when you moved in. It’s courteous and it will make your security deposit return in full.

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