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Fire Safety During the Holidays

Fire Safety During the Holidays

With the excitement of the holidays dying down, we hope you can look back at this past holiday season with fond memories. You are settled into your Melbourne, FL home and if that isn’t a cause for a celebration, we don’t know what is! A Mother’s Touch Movers has had the honor of being your Melbourne, FL mover and we know how special the holiday season is especially if it is in the comfort of your new home. Congratulations on finding the property of your dreams and know that we are so thankful that we could play a small role in that. Once you are settled, decorating is definitely in order. Nothing says home like a brightly lit Christmas tree with all the festive décor to match. We hope that you enjoyed celebrating your space in style and wish you many more holiday seasons to come! For those of you who decorate, whether it be a new home or one you’ve called your own for years, making sure the holiday season is also a safe one is at the top of our priority list for you. Read on for ways to ensure that your décor works for you and does not post a risk, no one wants that no matter what the time of year!

Holiday décor is meant to conjure nostalgic feelings and bring about the festive nature of the season. Many of us employ the use of decorations that utilize the use of electric lights to create this feeling. Before you plug in those decorations, make sure that the cords are not frayed. Look for bulbs that are out and replace them immediately. If you have already put it lit decorations, do a double check and make sure everything is in order. Loose connections and frayed wires can spell disaster when you least expect it to, so make sure all of your décor is in proper working order.

Christmas trees are a staple the holidays, and for good reason. If your family prefers a live tree, you will want to make sure that it is far away from any heated elements in your home like a working fireplace or electrical elements. You also want to make sure that you keep your live tree properly hydrated as a dry tree is can lead to a house fire. If you want to forgo these risks altogether, why not purchase a fake tree? Hey, there is no shame here! Fake trees will last for years to come and the fire risk is greatly diminished. If it is pre-lit, just be sure to check the wiring.

Candlelight is incredibly soothing and something that many of us enjoy during the holidays. However, burning flames do pose a fire risk so you can always purchase battery operated varieties that will give you the same effect without the fire hazard. If you’d rather go old school, just make sure that you closely monitor the open flame and keep them away from flammable objects too.

We wish you nothing but the best in 2019 and in the future holiday seasons. We want you and yours to see the season through with no hazards insight. Thank you for the opportunity of providing the best in commercial and residential moving services in Brevard County. Happy New Year to you and yours.