Published on October 23, 2018

Ease Into Your Office Move

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For business owners who are relocating, we know your Melbourne, FL office move is one that you have diligently planned and hope to execute with a streamlined approach and efficiency. This move has been in the pipeline for quite some time and represents a new phase in your company’s continued growth. A Mother’s Touch Movers is proud to be a part of this process and we bring our 30 years of professional moving experience to the table as well. We know that a strategic move cuts down on costs, eliminates waste, and ensures continued productivity on your end. We have you covered with professional services from top to bottom and want to provide you with information to assist you with the other aspects of your move. Let’s look closer at some ideas for a moving timeline to help your business stay afloat and your staffs’ heads above water.

The first thing you need, after securing a new office space and informing your employees of the move, is a specific timeline working from the projected moving date backward. This will be determined by multiple factors including the size of your office space, the location, and your daily operational needs. Some businesses need up to 12 months to accomplish this while 6 weeks works for others. We suggest creating a moving committee comprised of employees to help you determine this schedule. Your employees know what the day to day tasks are and can assist you with pertinent information that you may not have. Their input is crucial to the success of the move so involve them early and ask for their opinions and advice.

Once a timeline and moving committee have been determined, you will want to begin communications with your leasing agent or property manager. This can happen earlier on, of course, but make sure it has happened at least 6-8 weeks out from your move or in accordance with the terms of your current lease. 4 weeks out, notify clients, business partners, etc. of your new address and telephone information. It is during this time that you will want to order new marketing materials and office supplies carrying your company’s information on them so that they will be ready once you move. Contact power and utilities service providers and alert them to your move during this time as well. Make sure you will have all of these things taken care of and operational in your new space when the time comes.

Once you feel confident that your suppliers, vendors, customers, and partners are aware of your relocation, you can begin to focus on the move itself. Because you created a schedule, you already have your movers secured so this is one thing to ease your mind. Now is a great time to bring in your moving committee and ask for suggestions on how to appropriately set up your new space. If it differs greatly from your current location, you may need to order new furniture or get rid of some. Your staff will have ideas on how to set up the new space for increased workflow, and contributing their ideas will make them feel a part of the team as well.

Now that the work is done, you can sit back and let the magic happen. Your relocation has to be as seamless as possible to ensure that the daily grind happens AND your employees remain happy. You have a lot to consider so why not make sure that your move is a success by hiring professionals to assist you with packing, loading, and set up. A Mother’s Touch Movers welcomes any questions you may have so please contact our office today about help moving yours!

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