Published on October 19, 2016

Be Prepared

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Life on the Space Coast, encompassing all of Melbourne and the surrounding areas, is generally a tropical paradise. Coastal breezes and delightfully sunny days are what we experience most of the time here in Brevard County, FL. However, there are times throughout the year when Mother Nature has something else entirely for residents of Palm Bay and beyond. A Mother’s Touch Movers has had the pleasure of assisting so many families, seniors and businesses that call beautiful Brevard County, FL home. Our customers have entrusted their precious belongings to us and we have made it our mission to provide the absolute best moving services in the area. We know that some of you may be new to the area or perhaps have neglected hurricane preparations so we want to provide you with some valuable tips to stay safe. We don’t just stop at incredible moving services!

Hurricanes bring with them torrential downpours and potentially damaging winds, like we recently experienced with Hurricane Matthew. This means that anyone in the path of the storm from a direct hit to the outlying bands needs to be on guard. Computer models do their best to accurately predict when people may experience the worst of a storm but cannot be exact due to the unpredictability of hurricanes. It is for this reason that it pays to have supplies on hand and an evacuation route in mind just in case you need to make a get away.

The Red Cross has an exhaustive list of what you should do and gather beforehand in order to be prepared. They suggest staying abreast of any weather warnings first and foremost. Keep windows and doors shut; locate your home’s hurricane shutters and put them in place. If your home is not equipped with shutters, use plywood as a means to protect windows and doors. Make sure your car has a full tank of gas just in case you need to make a quick escape. Determine where you are headed and what the county requires of evacuees. For more info, see the link above.

Before the storm strikes, you need to have supplies on hand to assist you in case you should suffer any damage to your home. Make sure you have an adequate supply of batteries and back up flashlights, a tool that can be used for multiple functions, a weather radio, charged cell phones and chargers. You also need to have a supply of food and water. The recommendation is 1 gallon of water per day per individual. For any persons needing daily medications, it is wise to have at least a seven-day supply on hand. Clean clothing, warm blankets, cash, emergency contacts, and pet supplies are also recommended.

A Mother’s Touch Movers wants you to be safe during the possible storm and these are just a few suggestions to help you prepare. Stay safe!

Here are a few more links for suggestions on hurricane preparedness:

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