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Baby Proofing Your Kitchen After A Move

Baby Proofing Your Kitchen After A Move

Moving with a baby? You’ll have to baby proof the new place, because a little one will get into everything! Let’s discuss the room that probably needs baby proofing the most – the kitchen. It’s imperative you look for a qualified and experienced moving company in Melbourne, Florida.

Lots of Locks

Babies’ little hands are attracted to doors and drawers. Those inquisitive little munchkins just love opening and closing doors. So, you’ll need to get a lot of secure locks for the cabinets, drawers, and storage spaces that are within their reach. If you have an older toddler who can pull chairs and climb, be especially aware. Also, you always want to keep cleaning solutions and chemicals far out of reach.

Knife Blocks

Sure, you’ll push the knife block back as far away from the edge of the counter as it will go. But it’s better to lock it up inside a cabinet for safety, just in case you little one is able to climb up on the counter.

Dishwasher Locks

Make sure the lock on the dishwasher door works. An open dishwasher is an invitation to small children to come and play with the glass, knives and soap inside. Toddlers also love to climb on those open dishwasher doors, thereby breaking them, and rudely leaving them for you to fix. Always keep the dishwasher door closed and locked.

Oven Door Locks

Little fingers can also be tempted by oven doors. Be sure to check and see if your oven has a lock and that it’s used whether the oven in on or off. Even when you’re not using the oven, your child may try to stand on an open door, which may break the door off its hinges or tip the appliance over.

Refrigerator Safety

You may think the fridge is a pretty safe appliance, but look inside. See all the glass jars, bottles and containers? Yeah, so will your toddler. It’s a pain, but it’s a good idea to lock the refrigerator. Also, keep magnets out of reach of smaller children. Babies and toddlers may bite, chew or swallow magnets, so place them out of reach or put hem away until they’re older.

Plastic Bags

Keep those plastic bags in a safe place. Your little one will be attracted to the sound of the plastic crinkling in his fingers, and may decide it would be fun to wear one on his head. Keep them safely contained in a place your small children can’t get to them.

Emergency Prep

Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, but away from your youngster’s hands. Also, make an emergency number listing and keep it next to the phone. Include the number for poison control and make sure everyone in the family knows how to call 911.

Now that the kitchen in your new home is baby proofed, you can let that little guy run free. But keep a close watch. Babies love to explore and may find a dangerous object you didn’t even think about. A parent’s job is never done.

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