Published on August 25, 2016

A New Start

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A Mother’s Touch Movers is Brevard County’s expert moving company, and we are dedicated to helping people re-establish their housing needs. Read on for some tips about simplifying the moving process so you can get a brand new start in your new residence without feeling worn out!

Make a moving schedule to help you plan ahead. Jot down the details about your new place such as room dimensions and building amenities to help you visualize where items will go. Figure out whether your new place has stairs and adequate parking for large trucks, since this information is important to movers. You’ll save time by making notes to help prepare yourself and the movers for the big day.

Have a budget to follow, but also be realistic about the many costs that the moving process will incur. Consider the moving company costs, a tip for the movers, and any moving supplies like boxes and tape that you will need. There will always be unexpected costs, so don’t be shocked if you spend more than you think you will!

Give yourself plenty of time to pack. A good rule of thumb is to give yourself about twice as long as you think you’ll need. Packing in general almost always takes much longer than you expect, so keep in mind that A Mother’s Touch Movers also offers packing services to help you pack quickly and efficiently.

Let go of the items you never use or never bothered unpacking from the last move. Donate, sell, recycle, or toss such belongings. You’ll make the move easier, save yourself a headache, and do a good deed for your community by donating to the less fortunate.

Watch out for your back and be vigilant about any existing health problems you may have while packing and moving items around your residence. Professional movers like A Mother’s Touch are trained to carry large boxes and move heavy or cumbersome items, so don’t worry about moving those heavy items and furniture yourself. Consider packing items in smaller boxes and making lighter loads if you wish to do a small amount of moving before the professionals arrive.

If you are pressed for time and need to clean your current residence before the big move, consider hiring a maid. Apartment buildings generally require a full cleaning before you vacate in order to get your security deposit back, so make sure the place is scrubbed and tidy before you hand your keys back. You could even have the maid come in while you drive to the new place and unload your belongings.

For more moving tips, if you have questions, or if you wish to schedule your moving day, call us today at 321-253-6040.

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